Online Fax Service is growing up

Online Fax Service is growing up

Fax technology went partly high tech a few years ago, so some companies still run dedicated domestic fax servers. Generally, this technique is aging and only meets expectations in some ways, such as convenience and savings on ink toner and paper. They fail with other important measures, such as maintenance and costs. In fact, one manages a fax server and its complexities take important IT resources from the companys more important tasks.

The transfer to fax through servers solved some problems with stand alone fax machines, as mentioned above. Finally, there was no more worry about ink or toner, without loading paper and clearing paper jams, no more muss and whey. Getting rid of the stand alone telephone switched fax reduced capital costs and maintenance costs, without simply moving fax services to another type of hardware, only partially went to a real solution. There were still some dedicated units that you still needed to rent or buy, and you had to keep and worry about them too.


Online fax services can make every effort of your and your IT people. There is nothing to keep, nothing to buy and only a small fee to pay each month. Even the fax plans offering unlimited fax and faxing are remarkably affordable and the price index gets even higher once you realize you are through purchasing paper, ink, toner, etc. These are just the most obvious benefits of the recently mature online fax services. Others are equally important.

An enormous advantage offered by online faxing is security. You print a fax only when you need it, and may otherwise protect your communications on your password protected computer, smartphone or laptop netbook. In the not so good old days of stand alone fax machines, you need to coordinate and schedule the arrival of a fax to keep it from curious eyes. This is no longer a problem.

Make the move

Today, its all about the cloud, web apps, Google this and Google it. One day, we can even have a single, effective, integrated communication solution that provides audio, video, text, images, and anything else via an easy to navigable and easy to use interface. That time is actually approaching quickly, and online faxing is one of the techniques that points the way. It is obvious that any kind of integrated future communication system will evolve in line with the progress made in cloud computing.

A number of questions arise when you start to consider moving from hardware to online faxing. You will need to consider a number of different factors, from financial to operational. You must train your employees to the new way of doing things, so the management must first understand everything to explain it. The following questions can focus your thinking a little

What different ways are there to move from a fax server to an online fax solution, and how do they compare them?

Is there any way to continue using your older system, your old hardware, or any associated software?

Logistically, how can you make the move smoothly and do it without interrupting the flow of business information which drives all business?

Is there a reliable and accurate way to calculate how much you can save in consumables, electricity, maintenance and such?

What kind of step by step plan can you develop to make the movement as painless, seamless and effective as possible?


Its never too early to start saving money or increasing efficiency, and it may be that you should have moved to online faxing a long time ago. Nevertheless, you can not start when it is when it is and there are plenty of help from the people who have gone before you. When you start investigating online fax services, you will quickly discover that there are entire forums, web pages and online environments dedicated to discussing, explaining and helping with the move to online faxing. You are not alone, and you really do not suffer from lack of good information.

However, you can encounter some resistance to the move. People get stuck in their way, so its your responsibility as manager leader to convince office workers that online faxing saves time, money, effort and worry. Its not hard to do when you start to learn how much money other companies have saved, and how much trouble theyve avoided by moving to a stable, mature and reliable online fax service.

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